New from Petrie is Regulate, a track that is a beautiful lesson in simplicity and keeping everything pared back for maximum effect.

Of the new tune – which has a must-watch ‘movie night’ video to go with it – the duo explain: “The beginning of a new relationship can often feel like a deliciously groggy daze which you can unknowingly imprison yourself in to avoid the dread of your looming personal failures.

“Can’t finish that short story? Don’t spend enough time with your grandmother? Keep deleting and re-installing Duolingo, using it once and deluding yourself you’re a third fluent in Spanish? A new flame will engulf all of that as you watch the enticing glow from afar until one day you’re both burnt to a crisp while lazing in bed sharing Frank O’Hara poems, making love to Frank Ocean and crying to Frank Sinatra.”



Regulate is the first new material from Petrie since August’s EP Self Destruct, which included the quite superb summer tune June.

They performed a sold out show at The Waiting Room in September, but there’ll be another chance to catch them live in the New Year when they play The Moth Club, London on 20 February – tickets here.


Petrie – Regulate

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