Florence Welch has been mesmerising fans up and down the country during this tour in support of Florence + The Machine‘s fourth studio album High as Hope.

Welch’s performance was astonishing, managing to bring delicacy and an almost whisper-like delivery at times, as well as the powerful, all-encompassing vocal depth that she has become so known for. All the while, she prowls the stage with a magical grace that makes the whole show as much theatre as it is music.

As a performer, she is bold and commanding, and yet when speaking between songs, she comes across as shy and somewhat in awe of the size of venues she is capable of packing out. But deep down, she must know that this is powerful, beautiful, and uplifting stuff of a standard that few others can match.

Setlist: June / Hunger / Between Two Lungs / Only If for a Night / Queen of Peace / South London Forever / Patricia / Dog Days Are Over / 100 Years / Ship to Wreck / The End of Love / Cosmic Love / Delilah / What Kind of Man // Big God / Shake It Out 


Photos by Linda Brindley



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