LIVE: Jack Cullen

Hertfordshire-based singer-songwriter Jack Cullen played his last show of 2018 at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London.

After leaving the world of professional rugby in Ireland, he returned to his home town as a full-time artist. He has only released two songs but they represent an impressive entrance into the music scene. Teabags and Cigarettes – a fan favourite, written on a rainy day – and Learn, which is something of a love letter. His lyrics show vulnerability and don’t disguise or hold back his feelings.

Needless to say, the room is full of people that came down early just to see him playing even though this was not his headline show. Before long, everyone is singing along with him and it’s impossible not to notice the big impact his music has on the crowd.

Check out Cullen’s superb cover of Sigrid’s Sucker Punch.


Review and photos by Selena Ferro



Jack Cullen – Learn

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