TOP TEN TRACKS OF 2018: (8) Yonaka – Death By Love

Yonaka (photo © Linda Brindley)

One of the many privileges of working on a site like Sync. is the chance to closely follow the evolution of bands that we might have first seen and heard at the very early stages. Just like fellow Brighton band Fickle Friends, we’ve charted the progress of Yonaka from their very beginnings, drawn right from the start to their spiky, energetic, full-of-attitude sound and their ability to deliver on stage.

But 2018 has been a big year in the development of this band. They have found a way to transfer their undoubted live prowess to their recordings, adding clarity and polish but without losing the raw edge that makes them so special to hear in person.

It was a tough call for us whether to select Yonaka’s immense FWTB in our Top Ten this year, since this marked what was for us the beginning of a new era of confidence and power from the band. Whilst that tune will almost certainly be something of a live show anthem for the band for years to come, we feel that Death By Love perfectly illustrates the immense progress they’ve made.

Fronted by the mesmerising vocals of Theresa Jarvis, this four-piece have clearly given blood, sweat and tears to hone their material, finding the right buttons to press production-wise, and learning the fine balance of when to give a track everything and when to pare it back a little. All the hard work has paid off. Big time.


Main photo by Phoebe Reeks


Yonaka – Death By Love


Yonaka – Death By Love (Acoustic)


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