GALLERY: Enter Shikari

It was a high octane line-up for Enter Shikari‘s return to Nottingham for this leg of their extensive UK tour.

First up was Black Peaks who brought energy to the fast filling room. The Brighton band had people dancing away and singing along with them. Frontman Will Gardner was running around the stage giving it his all like every show they do. He loved jumping on to the barrier to interact with his fans, the crowd were more than happy to sing his lyrics right in his face.

Second up was Canadian outfit Palaye Royale. This was the first time seeing these guys but the guys gave everything to this performance. Lead singer Remington Leith had more energy than most of us put together, ably demonstrated when he jumped into the crowd and then later in the show proceeded to hang off the balcony. The fans they had in the building were screaming and singing every word.

Finally we got to the main act of the night, the main reason we had all come out on this very cold evening and my god did they make it worth it. Seeing a sold out Rock City with all fans joining as one to produce the loudest screams and sing alongs I’ve ever heard at this venue, Enter Shikari gave their fans exactly what they wanted – an amazing show with a crazy lighting and a highly respectable set list, they had the whole room in the palm of their hands. Long live Shikari!


Review & photos by Rebecca Marshall


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