LIVE: Camden Rocks All-Dayer

Yorkshire alt-rock band Of Allies took part in a day festival organised by Camden Rocks Festival at the Monarch on Saturday night.

As a band, they managed to reach 1m streams on Spotify from their debut album Night Sky, in the first month of release and 12 months later crushed over 3m streams.

Their music combines crushing upbeat driven guitars with sombre swirling melodic delay sounds to capture dramatic emotional sound. Adding to this they got the aggressive loud playing style of the powerful drummer Danny Barrick and Rich Nichol’s soothing voice that gives them a contrasting alternative British rock sound.

It’s only 3pm, but the room is already full of people that are waiting to hear them play. They open up on an angry-sounding, crunchy guitar riff – they really know how to make an entrance. The riffs of their songs force their way into your ears and demand to be heard. You can’t escape from their bewitching sound… then it keeps repeating itself throughout the choruses of the tracks, essentially acting as a reminder that you need to keep paying attention to what it is going on.

Also part of the line-up were Black Roze and Parabyss. Black Roze is a female-fronted rock band from Margate. They have been packing out rock venues and festivals with their passionate performances over the past five years. A great thing about that is that all members of the band contribute to the creative process; their music is the result of combined life experience and musical influences. Their shows are full on, ass kicking and a pleasure for all the senses, with huge energy levels on stage.

Parabyss are a London heavy metal band. Their sound is heavy and melodic, unleashing progressive and groove based riffs with roaring vocals. During their set, they have a mini-mosh pit going on in the middle of the audience, with a few people being rewarded with free t-shirts for their crazy efforts. Theirs is a huge brutal metal sound driven forward by booming guitar riffs and wild screams vocals.

Definitely three bands to keep an eye on!

Review and photos by Selena Ferro.


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