ALBUM: Fling

Self-describing their musical stylings as ‘wonky pop’ Bradford psych-rock quintet Fling, deliver an eclectic mix of wacky, colourful tracks headed by sunny instrumentals, supported by strong vocals in debut album Fling or Die.

Opening with cheerful Welcome to The City, the album sets an undeniable mood of wanting; the want for sunshine, warmth, and roadtrips. What follows this strong beginning, is a seamless blend of tracks that seem like they don’t belong together yet making perfect sense together. Whether it be the quiet nuances of Extra Special, the dance-worthiness of vocally-charged That’s Nice, or the summery vibe of guitar-led Annie, the record is stocked full of unique, fun-loving soundscapes.

Fling – That’s Nice

The underlays of a weird humour come through in tracks like Just A Dog – which sees them asking not to be put down. Grim, yet somehow still upbeat packaged in the building noise of the instrumentals.

Banjo Billy, still keeping in theme with the technicolour genre of the fivesome, is a standout creating a musically-charged momentum, that leaves you in anticipation for more from Fling. And as the psychedelic influences of the group comes out in full force with Revolution, they prove they can deliver exactly what you want from them, and more.

Fling – Banjo Billy

Unfortunately, the 11-track record is not without failings, as the lead up of brilliant tracks comes to a disappointing end with tracks like Girl and Black and White Fibbers, that do little to add to the palette of sound the group had initially created.

Overall, Fling or Die, is a fun, weird experience for any listener as it takes you down several musical paths – some brilliant, and others a little less memorable.

Review by Malvika Padin

Fling – Just A Dog

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