LIVE: Giant Party

Soul-infused London indie four-piece band Giant Party, played their biggest headliner show to date at Oslo.

Earlier this year, they release single Dorothy’s Dancing, which really makes me stop for a second to then start dancing all around. These guys are the definition of genre-fluid, mixing funk bass lines, falsetto vocals and heavy guitars. During the whole set it’s almost impossible to stand still and not get transported by the energy and rhythm of their songs.

Giant Party – Dorothy’s Dancing

It has been a while since their last show at the end of October, so fans were extremely impatient and excited to see them on stage again. The interaction with the crowd was insane, ramped up further when lead singer
Mason Le Long leapt off the stage into the audience on a number of occasions. They put up a really outstanding performance.

Bradford wonky-pop five-piece band Fling were one of the opening acts of the night. Eccentric is probably the word that descibe them best; their offbeat and wld persona is only accentuated by the music they produce.

Beautifully weird lyrics combined with a catchy beat, frantic drum patterns, kooky keyboard sounds, and titillating guitar solos fed though the speakers as lead singer Charles McSorely moves and grooves across the stage. What a stage animal!

It’s hard to deny that the band’s creative flare could be disliked; you either love their unapologetic attitude or you hate them because of it. They are so indie it hurts!

French singer-songwriter Elian Dalmasso was the first to hit the stage. Former lead singer of Eliphant, he is now performing on his own. His music is punchy, melodic and dreamy; he mixes influences from the birth of rock ‘n roll to the present day in such an original way. His dynamic performance was guaranteed to burn the house down!

All in all, it was a great night to be a part of!

Review & photos by Selena Ferro.

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