LIVE: Holding Absence

Welsh group Holding Absence kicked off their tour at Southampton Joiners in support of their recently released self-titled debut album. The venue was filled with supportive fans who were enthusiastic with lots of energy, singing along throughout.

The setlist included most songs from the debut album, including Perish and Monochrome, as well as older releases Permanent and Dream of Me.

Lead singer Lucas Woodland performed a piano solo of their more stripped back song, Marigold, to which the crowd sang along. Woodland’s bandmates returned to the stage, closing the set with older releases Like a Shadow and Penance.

Setlist: Perish / Your Love (Has ruined My Life) / Monochrome / Permanent / Dream of Me / Wilt / Purge / Marigold / Like a Shadow / Penance

Review & photos by Phoebe Reeks

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