LIVE: Yonaka

Brighton band Yonaka recently went on their first headline tour in a while. They have announced their debut album Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow which will be released 31 May. They were supported by stylishly sassy Cassyette, and Broken Hands followed with their slick, rock’n’roll style.

Yonaka, fronted by the formidable Theresa Jarvis, performed a mixture of old songs (Teach Me To Fight and Fired Up) and some new ones from the album, which hadn’t been heard before, such as the feisty Punchbag and Rockstar.

The crowd were enamoured by Yonaka and there was lots of sweaty jumping around and lyrics being sung back to the band. Many stayed behind to meet the band afterwards and have a chat or a selfie with their favourites.

Yonaka are a great live band. They have empowering yet deeply personal songs about battling demons like anxiety and depression and they brought a vibrant energy to the stage; perfect for a Saturday night. Jarvis’s vocals are something else. She sounded incredible and this really added to the atmosphere.

Yonaka’s sound is undeniably set for the arenas and we’re just glad we caught them at these smaller venues before they become the huge success they are destined to be.

Review (Nottingham) by Narzra Ahmed

Photos (Manchester) by Rebecca Cribb

Yonaka – Lose Our Heads

Yonaka – Death By Love

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