LIVE: VC Pines

VC Pines – aka Jack Mercer – played a sold-out show at the Lexington in London earlier this month. He is the former frontman of The Carnabys, who has moved away from the realm of indie-rock and immersed himself in a well of alternative soul, poetry and punk performance.

Alongside a seven-piece band on the live shows, he delivers deep organ drones and trills to provide the dark underbelly for this alt-soul avenue, while a seventies-esque sound sugar coats the grit with trumpet and trombone.

His stage name stands for Violet Coloured Pines, which relates to his condition of synaesthesia, in which neural networks allow senses to cross over, and for Jack, this means that he hears sounds and sees colours at the same time, more specifically called chromesthesia.

The room is so packed that it is almost impossible for me to move around; everyone in the crowd is singing along with him and the band superbly raises the atmosphere still further.

As another milestone to tick off the list for him, his debut EP Indigo finally came out last month. Check it out if you haven’t yet had a chance to do so.

VC Pines – Indigo EP

First opener of the night was Albert Gold. The Hackney-based singer-songwriter crafts music heavy on emotion and rhythm, doffing his cap in the direction of Frank Ocean and British RnB star Shakka. Hearing him play evokes a sense of broody, gospel-tinged soul.

Albert Gold – London’s Calling

He was followed by the superb Geo. He is such an incredible artist; to think about that he writes and produce everything on his own in a room, it is pretty impressive and really set the vibe for the main act to come.

Review & photos by Selena Ferro

Geo – Breathe Slow

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