LIVE: Fil Bo Riva

26-year-old Italian born artist Fil Bo Riva (aka Filippo Bonamici) played a sold-out show at Oslo Hackney on 1 May.

Born and raised in Rome, Fil decamped to Dublin for his school years and later relocated to Berlin in 2012. He now has three sold-out tours as well as numerous national and international festival shows under his belt.

His first full album Beautiful Sadness was released on 22 March and we have been very excited to listen to it. His energy is best summed up in the climax of the album, some songs makes you want to sing of Italian heartbreak on your non-existent balcony with a bottle of wine in the right hand and a bouquet of roses in the left. Even though the name of the album might sound like a cliché, it captures the emotion of the album pretty perfectly.

Something that you notice straight away are his powerful lungs and incredible voice that have the power to capture the audience.

He opens the set with new single Go Rilla, a powerful and dynamic indie-pop-hymn, using addictively energy guitars and a clever hook line that escalates in a compelling bridge. It set the tone for a gig that captured everyone’s attention.

As supporting act, we got Berlin-based electronic trio Say Yes Dog. Brooding synth pop with a stylish edge, the band’s debut EP was released to warm acclaim. Since then, they have taken their sound across the globe before heading back into the studio to work on fresh material.

The bouncy electronic melodies feel like they are there in support of the band’s vocal harmonies, whilst making space for big hooks. The electronic instrumentation is still a core part of the band’s appeal; it just feels clean and timeless to watch.

Review & photos by Selena Ferro

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