LIVE: Chase Atlantic

Riding the crest of their second album wave, Chase Atlantic brought their Phases tour to Bristol on what was the third night of the UK section of their global tour – and the energy levels were, frankly, off the scale.

Hailing from Cairns, Australia, the trio – Mitchel Cave (lead vocals), Christian Anthony (guitar), and Clinton Cave (sax) – are joined for live dates by Jesse Boyle on drums and Patrick Wilde on bass, with the end result being a loud and slick sound that certainly didn’t disappoint the fans who had started queuing super-early to nab a place at the front.

Chase Atlantic, Bristol, 5/10/19 (photo: Martin Allen for Sync)

These producers-turned-popstars certainly know how to put on a show. Their music is a fusion of styles, including RnB and rock, but it is the pop element that is very much at the forefront, with an almost entirely upbeat high-tempo set with no lulls, all delivered flawlessly.

Frontman Mitchel Cave punctuated his relentless performance with regular soakings of water for the crowd – which was no doubt much appreciated given the rising temperature in the room and the regular (albeit comparatively civilised) mosh pits which became a feature of the evening. In any case, it’s impossible not to warm to his stage presence, which is relatively low on chit-chat, but full-on in terms of energy and passion.

Among the set highlights were singles Like A Rockstar, Swim, and Friends, but with material drawn from across both albums and some of their EPs, there was plenty to keep the fans happy throughout.

Photos by Martin Allen

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