Lucia & The Best Boys

Lucia & The Best Boys – formerly LUCIA – have revealed new single Good Girls Do Bad Things and it’s the kind of corker we’ve come to expect from the Glaswegian four-piece.

It’s an 80’s synth-infused banger that instantly grabs the attention. The video, directed by Stuart Alexander, sees Lucia ride a horse around the Barrowlands area of Glasgow in the way that you do.

Speaking about the inspiration for the new single, Lucia says: “Good girls do bad things is a song written for any women who feels like they have ever been undermined, or made to feel worthless and weak by a man. I find myself in these situations far too often, now more than ever, and it is important to highlight that they are the weak ones in the situation. ‘Sad boys looking at me always get what they don’t see‘ was a lyric written from experiencing and witnessing men thinking that we aren’t capable or smart enough to react and defend ourselves.”

The group have marked their latest era with a name change – one that’s reflective of their early work, referencing debut 2017 EP Best Boy, while also marking a new chapter. The name change also coincides with a line-up change for the Glaswegian band, which is now completed by guitarist Conor Goldie. He joins frontwoman Lucia Fairfull, drummer Alasdair Scott, and bass player Chris Frew Ballantyne.

“The new stuff we’re doing isn’t putting everything we’ve done before to an end, it’s creating a new beginning point,” explains Lucia, touching on how the band have shifted their creative focus while also maintaining their core.

This new creative period has culminated in the making of a brand new EP, which will be released early next year, the follow-up to 2018’s Cheap Talk. The new EP sees Lucia & The Best Boys dive headfirst into their 80s inspirations – acts like Madonna, Stevie Nicks, New Order and Human League – while also retaining the fierceness of their 90s grunge, Courtney Love-esque leanings.

You can catch them live at The Tunnels in Aberdeen on 7 December – tickets here.

Photo by Tony Wooliscroft

Lucia & The Best Boys – Good Girls Do Bad Things

Lucia & The Best Boys, London, 5/4/19 (photo © Abigail Shii for Sync)

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